Elizabeth Lori Jim Think?

November 2001

Additional view points.
upper decking
Looking out toward the town of Zihuatanejo.
Casa Que Canta
To our right was Casa Que Canta, "the house that sings." We noticed a lot of activity over there, and it wasn't singing.
over the egde
The surf looks lovely, as long as it isn't approaching at 32ft/sec.
The Martins
Hey, who let them in?
La Ropa
Playa La Ropa.
sun set
You gotta have one of these.
Villa De La Roca
Our place from the back, or is that the front?
Villa De La Roca
That little road in front of our door was all cobble stones. I tore my toe off running for a cab. It didn't help that Mike was telling the driver to vamos.
group shot
Getting out of the sun light.
last supper
Our last supper. The whine was flowing, believe me.
Nocturnal Gecko

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