Elizabeth Lori Jim Think?

November 2001

A bite at Las Gatas, then back to our very own La Ropa.
A blemished moment at Las Gatas.
Don't jump in the pool with a camera in your pocket.
casual dining
I wish I'd made it back to Las Gatas, where you could eat, swim or shop. It was a little beach across the bay from us only accessible by boat.
Villa Del Mar
Villa Del Mar, our neighbor. You can see the tall pointed peak of La Roca to the left of it, with a piece of our deck wrapped around the tip.
Villa Del Mar
Villa Del Mar, from our deck. Notice the pool built into the rock at the edge of the cliff. Our beach, Playa la Ropa, starts at the edge of this house.
Playa La Ropa
A nice shot of La Ropa.
Elviras on La Ropa
Elviras was a short stroll down the beach. They know how to treat their amigos, right Pappa Mod?

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