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The Death Pool

The Death Pool The Official Fiscal Year 2010 Death Pool Draft is over. Closing date will occur on a mutually acceptable day sometime in September or October 2010.

All Poolers will present $10 to the manager who selected the player first to make the supreme sacrifice for his team. Following notification of said sacrifice managers will have 24 hours to determine whether in fact one of their players was quicker to step up their game. Another $10/manager is awarded to the team with the least amount of players at the end of the game. $20/manager will be awarded to the team that features the "Rookie-of-the-Year," the first young second stringer red-carded by the Cosmic Referee.


worth $10
worth $20
player has hit the eternal showers

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Misca Barton
David Blaine
Ernest Borgnine
Bobby Brown
Carol Channing
Kevin Federline
Joan Fontaine
John Forsythe
Miep Gies
Billy Graham
Dolores Hope
Lena Horne
Jack LaLanne
Claude LÚvi-Strauss Art Linkletter
Norman Lloyd
Nelson Mandella
Kevin McCarthy
Mitch Miller
Harry Morgan
Don Pardo
Meinhardt Raabe
Sherwood Schwartz
Amy Winehouse
John Wooden
Lauren Bacall
Chuck Barris
Barbara Billingsley
Robert C. Byrd
Fidel Castro
Dick Clark
Olivia De Havilland
Dino De Laurentiis
Kirk Douglas
Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
Michael Foot
Betty Ford
Joao Havelange
Whitney Houston
Joe Jackson
Ludovic Kennedy
Lil' Kim
Jerry Lewis
June Lockhart
Lindsey Lohan
Oscar Niemeyer
Chapman Pincher
Yitzhak Shamir
Eli Wallach
Kanye West
Chuck Berry
Pierre Cardin
Mariah Carey
Phyllis Diller
Hugh Downs
Dick Francis
Jeff Gordon
Andy Griffith
Ray Harryhausen
Stephen Hawking
Jasper Johns
Robbie Knieval
Johnny Knoxville
C. Everett Koop
Doris Lessing
Jaye P. Morgan
Leroy Neiman
Edwin Newman
Ashley Olsen
Sidney Poitier
Nancy Reagan
Don Rickles
Abe Vigoda
Slim Whitman
Herman Wouk
Julie Andrews
Hank Bauer
Paul Blair
Clint Bowyer
Robert Crumb
Joan Didion
Arthur Donovan, Jr.
Blake Edwards
Zsa Zsa Gabor
Kevin Harwick
Patricia Highsmith
Etta James
Mark Martin
Marvin Minsky
Fess Parker
Frederic Pohl
David Prowse
Cal Ripken, Jr.
J.D. Salinger
Willy Don Schaefer
Pete Seeger
Sargent Shriver
Dick Trickle
Martin Truex, Jr.
Efferam Zimblist Jr.
Ed Asner
Ann B. Davis
"Honeyboy" Edwards
Larry Hagman
Buck Henry
Ralph Houk
Lee Iacocca
B.B. King
Vera Lynn
Al Molinaro
Patricia Neal
Barack Obama
Mary Kate Olsen
Pinetop Perkins
Daniel Radcliffe
Carl Reiner
Oral Roberts
Mickey Rooney
Ruth Westheimer
Kimbo Slice
Gore Vidal
Mike Wallace
Earl Weaver
Owen Wilson
Chuck Yeager

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