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The Death Pool
The Death Pool
10Y B BG
Barbera, Joseph
Bergman, Igmar
Brown, Bobby
Carlisle, Kitty
Clark, Dick
de Havilland, Olivia
Ford, Gerald
Getty, Estelle
Heston, Charlton
Horne, Lena
Johnson, Van
Kissinger, Henry
Klugman, Jack
Malden, Karl
Mandella, Nelson
Mays, Willie
Morgan, Harry
Olsen, Mary-Kate
Richie, Nicole
Ripa, Kelly
Shriver, Eunice
Thatcher, Margaret
Wallach, Eli
Wooden, John
Bacall, Lauren
Billingsley, Barbara
Byrd, Robert C.
Brimley, Wilford
Castro, Fidel
Conrad, William
Douglas, Kirk
Earnhardt, Dale Jr.
Flaver, Flavor
Ford, Betty
Gordon, Jeff
Greenspan, Alan
Hagman, Larry
Houston, Whitney
Johnson, Lady Bird
Kronkite, Walter
Lasorta, Tommy
Lewis, Jerry
Linkletter, Art
Love, Courtney
Nixon, Pat
Rooney, Mickey
Taylor, Liz
Wyman, Jane
Yeltsen, Boris
Barker, Bob
Barrett, Majel
Brooks, Mel
Brown, James
Buchwald, Art
Cheney, Dick
Diller, Phyllis
Donovan, Art
Gibson, Mel
Griffith, Andy
Knievel, Evel
Knoxville, Johnny
LaLanne, Jack
Lohan, Lindsey
MacGowan, Shane
Montalban, Ricardo
Poitier, Sidney
Pope Benedict XVI
Reagan, Nancy
Vigoda, Abe
Wallace, Mike
Watts, Charlie
Weaver, Earl
Williamson, Jack

everyone into the death puoool
The current contest spans September 2006 - September 2007.

The most correct guesses at the end of the time period wins the prizes described in the contest legend. Birdy mistakenly picked two who already passed on, so he looses those picks. We wish him luck anyway, although I imagine his picks do not.


participant treated to crabs
participant treated to cds
individual has passed on

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