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22 Feb 02
Elizabeth turned 5 this week. The festivities have gone well so far, and they will continue throughout the weekend.

I wrote in a message to Steve the other day:
"i may not be the 'lamest story ever told,' but it's not for lack of trying."

He responded, "that's a good one."

I thought about it for a while, and agreed. I thought it's a shame I'm not even good at doing nothing.

It seems everyone is having an epiphany. Well I had one too; it happened yesterday. Rather than bore you with its nature, let me just say it happened on Route 40, and if it happened twenty minutes later than it did it might have occurred in front of Happy 40 Liquors. If all goes according to plan, in two years' time I'll be in a position to say these three things:
"I'm happy. I'm 40. I've got beer."

31 Jan 02
My 87 Honda Civic has cruised passed 250,000 miles, and is still running. It ain't the prettiest thing on four wheels, but it gets me where I'm going.

Bones' music theme for the next Friday Night Theme Party is "food & drink." I decided to provide the following in case the lads need that extra special addition to their compilations.

From The Six and Violence album, Lettuce Prey:

..and these Tull related jems from the same fellows:

25 Jan 02
Another weekend is looming large. Last weekend saw the first major snow of the year. With several inches to work with we couldn't waste the opportunity. The family went sledding on Sunday and built a respectable snow-woman on Monday, which was a holiday.

This weekend looks like it's going to be in the 60's. Perhaps I'll get something done. Unlikely.

9 Jan 02
Life has been a blur, relatively noneventful, but blury. Don't ask me about our Direct TV. The Nati Boh Guy!

The days preceding the holiday were spent hanging out with the usual suspects. The Red Bird helped me rid the house of Celebration Ale, and Rich took over Ellie's room for the duration. There was a vehicular back-up at the dump, but otherwise we faired pretty well. A fine time was had by all, and everyone cleared off before New Year's Eve, which I spent in bed, as usual. Yet another year without seeing the ball drop.

I fondly remember checking on the folks by the fire slab in the back yard. Bev and Rich were warming themselves near the flames, and Dennis was peeing behind a bush. I noticed the full moon rising behind a gray cloud bank over Melva's house. A pale circular glow suffused the area, and ragged wisps clearly deliniated an impressive mustachio, the moon appeared through a break and hung there like the eyeball of the All Mighty.

I cried aloud, "It's the Nati Boh guy! Look! It's the Nati Boh guy!"

"It's a blessing! A blessing from the Lord," the bush responded.

Dennis nevers misses a beat.

27 DEC 01
I survived another Christmas.

We are taking Ellie to Baltimore to see the lights on 34th St. tonight. Rich will be arriving from Duck. What passes for a New Year's celebration will occur in Cecil this weekend.

19 DEC 01
Gandalf visits HobbitonSteve, Gabi, Dave T., and I went to see the The Fellowship of the Ring at the Regal. Unlike many fans, I never wanted a film adaptation, because I knew it could never do justice to the source material. I've been against this project all along, but I was quite powerless to resist the temptation to see it.

It is indeed a pale reflection of the book, but what little it has captured is quite impressive. If one desires some eye candy and a quick gloss over of the Fellowships' quest, than you could do worse than seeing the motion picture. Despite the inevitable truncations and minor plot deviations I was not horrified by this production, as was the case after viewing the Dune abominations.

All things considered I think they did a good job, but considering the gulf that separates it from Tolkien's masterpiece, what's the point? Do yourself a favor and read the book.

I have spent a lot of time discussing Tolkien since I heard about the films in production. I may spew some it up for general consumption....later.

17 DEC 01
As far as I was aware the Jon Anderson solo album Animation was never released as a CD. I actually signed an online petition which was trying to have a CD released, but I never heard that it was successful. Well, I saw it on Ebay last week and restraining myself I put a bid which maxed at $81.50. This morning I checked and it appears it went to some Jasper who paid $153.50. Wow, I hope it comes out as a supersaver for $7.99 next week. I know if I'd won that auction it would. My max bid for a Yes "Masterworks" concert CD is $57.50, the auction is currently stalled at $100.51. I've just dropped a wad on Xmas, so I think I'll let it go.
13 DEC 01
Lucky for me I'm the only Yes fan in the tri-state area. Best Buy had plenty of the "limited edition" bonus disc duel packs of Magnification left, for $12.99 or something. I barely glance at the price tags these days. What am I saying, I never glance at the price tags. (Same thing goes at the supermarket. Double coupons my ass, I grab what I like, fork over the cash, and throw away the receipt. No wonder I'm broke.)

They're going for over $40 bucks on Ebay. If I wasn't such a lazy s.o.b. I'd pick up a half dozen Yes albums at Best Buy and ream `em up some Ebay-loser's poop shoot. But I'm a lazy s.o.b.

Did some Xmas shopping last night. Talk about a fool and his money. I leave a trail of broken mobile homes in my wake when I'm rush shopping during this obligatory gift giving season.

I paused longingly in front of the Little Feat 4CD boxed set. The problem was it comes in one of those skinny books, like the definitive Police collection. I hate non-standard packaging. Give me a set like John Lennon's, a tiny box which contains four jewel boxes and a book the size of a CD. You can put the whole shootin' match right in there with your normal discs (if they're not moldy. Don't ask...) Cost may have been a factor, but I think I would have bought it if it wasn't in that bogus format.

Speaking of formats. What's with this idiotic DVD packaging. Who the hell thought of a bloated plastic monstrosity to hold DVDs? They are the size of CDs, why not put them in CD cases? Remember when CDs came in those long boxes, so they were as tall as LPs? Well, I imagine some wanker thinks we want our DVDs to slip neatly in next to our videos. F that! Mark my words, when DVDs start showing up in sensible packages we'll all curse those bogus cases they come in now.

Don't get me started on the changing face of multi-media! Vinyl was a standard for over 30 years. Who can keep up with what's going on now. Maybe I should burn everything I own and let the pretty colors entertain me. But I digress................................

12 DEC 01
I'm just not on top of the music scene anymore. I'm married with children and broke. My CD collection suffered a damp basement catastrophe, and my heart just isn't into it. I've been putting off getting the new Yes album `cause it's a good thing for Lori to get me for Xmas, and I've been trying to reduce the splurging. I recalled reading something months ago about bonus tracks so I decided to do my research, late as it appears. There was this bogus promotion involving an extra disc you got with the CD depending on where you bought it. Best Buy, Borders, etc would give you a two pack, each with different bonus material (EL SUCKO!). Anyway, I'm on Ebay and I see a few of these bonus discs up for grabs. The CD came out on DEC 5th, so for chuckles I call the Best Buy in Bel Air to see if by chance they still have any. Jack Asshole, I think that was his name, answers for the music department:
"Can I help you?"
"I was wondering if you still had any of the bonus disc versions of the new Yes album, Magnification?"
"Let me check," ----- FIVE MINUTES ------ "I don't see any."
"Well do you have the album at all."
"What was it called?"
"I think there might be some here."
Talk about useless! I doubt they have any left, but it looks like I'll have to go there to find out.
10 DEC 01
On Saturday Grandma Geckle hosted a gingerbread cookie decorating event, which all the grand kids attended. I did a few with Ellie, who enjoyed herself immensely.

On Sunday I finally saw the 19th installment of the Bond saga, The World is Not Enough. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I also finished the Planet of the Apes. It was not a great book, I wouldn't even call it a good book, but I'm glad I read it. It was interesting enough, and now I don't have to wonder any more how the movies compare. I actually prefer the original movie adaptations, especially the classic first installment, closely followed by Escape from the Planet of the Apes. I've had a lifetime to grow fond of them, and the book was new to me, so it was perhaps no surprise. I WAS surprised to see how many scenes from the book appeared throughout the movie saga, despite divergent story lines. The book is a bizarre combination of Planet of the Apes, Escape from the Planet of the Apes, Conquest of the Planet of the Apes, and there is even an element from the most recent incarnation.

Reliving the movie scenes as I read the book is of course the horrible prospect I envision for the Lord of the Rings. I could not read the apes book without thinking of Heston et al, even though the story was significantly different. The stinky residue of the cinema cannot be shaken.

7 DEC 01
Planet of the ApesFor a few moments this morning I experienced an unusual state-of-being, I wasn't reading anything. Now, there are times throughout the day when I am not actively reading, but I am always in the middle of a book. I was looking over my collection trying to decide what I would read next, when my eyes fell upon a "withdrawn from library" copy of Planet of the Apes. I got it free as an employee of the library when I was in high school, and never read it.

I have high hopes, and am very curious to compare the story to the movie adaptations.

6 DEC 01
Elizabeth and I accompanied Lori to the University of Delaware last night, where she was to rehearse with a tuba player she'll be accompanying. Lori says the piece, written for piano and tuba, is very challenging to play. An instructor showed up after a while to assist. It was very interesting, their talk of musical thingamabobs was so much wizardy incantations to me. Ellie started to fall asleep after a while but made it through a happy meal on the way home.
4 DEC 01
Having returned home a bit early from work on an unseasonably warm December day, I decided to give the leaf strewn lawn the once over. Although it blew some smoke, the old 16 horse Lawn Wizard, with the turf saver balloon tires and the 42 inch blade, turned over. I flipped her into 4th gear and tore it up. After the sun went down I put the headlights on. Never thought I'd use those suckers, but when you live in Cecil it's only a matter of time.

I also assisted Lori with the Xmas tree, which is now firmly enscounced in the new sun room. Imagine a tree at the compound, and we can still open the front door.

1 DEC 01
I had already left with the little one for tumbling class, when the Red Bird and Little Kenny arrived in the AM. Kenny Jr. stopped by to cut some pipe for us and fix the door which was broken when Lori locked Tipper in the garage on Thanksgiving. I wasn't around to unlock the garage because I was in Duck having a traditional holiday with Tim and Rich (our traditions cannot be discussed in an open forum). The Red Bird had burning on his mind.

Having returned from the Elkton YMCA and following an obligatory trip to the hardware store, we performed a few household chores. Red relived passed glories by hooking up our ice maker and leveling the fridge. Together we plugged a hole in the porch and then prepared for a days drinking and burning.

Lori had a couple of piano thingys, then joined us. A successful goating was had by all.

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